Sex trafficking disproportionately affects African-American women and children, who make up nearly 40% of all victims in the United States.

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“At Blast, we are driven by a passionate commitment to combat sex trafficking and create a future where survivors can thrive. By partnering with us, you become an integral part of the solution, helping us empower survivors and work towards a world free from exploitation.”
Dr. Marlene Carson

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Your contributions to BLAST make a profound impact in the fight against sex trafficking. By supporting our programs, you directly provide essential resources and assistance to survivors, enabling them to break free from the chains of exploitation and rebuild their lives with dignity and purpose. Your support matters and makes a lasting difference in the lives of those affected.

Fight Sex Trafficking

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Our Missions Empowering Survivors, Preventing Exploitation Under the leadership of Dr. Marlene Carson, BLAST is dedicated to empowering survivors of sex trafficking, providing comprehensive support, and preventing future exploitation. Our programs, advocacy efforts, and strategic partnerships are aimed at creating a world where sex trafficking is eradicated, survivors are empowered, and communities are educated and mobilized to take action.

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EmpowerHer: Support women and young girls affected by sex trafficking through our EmpowerHer program. Your donation helps us provide specialized programs, mentorship, and resources, empowering survivors to regain their confidence, build self-worth, and embark on a path of entrepreneurship.


Stand with us in advocating against sex trafficking through our A.M.E.N program. Your contribution helps us mobilize individuals and communities to take a proactive stance…


Support our PeerPreneur program, empowering survivors to become entrepreneurs. Your donation provides training, mentorship, and resources to help survivors develop…

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