Sex trafficking disproportionately affects African-American women and children, who make up nearly 40% of all victims in the United States.

BLAST Movement Pledge



I will actively support the mission and initiatives of the BLAST Movement, including its programs, awareness campaigns, and advocacy efforts, to combat sex trafficking and empower survivors.



I will continuously educate myself and others about the realities of sex trafficking, its root causes, and its impact on individuals and communities, in order to raise awareness and promote prevention.



I will seek opportunities to collaborate and partner with other like-minded organizations, individuals, and communities to leverage our collective resources, knowledge, and expertise to make a greater impact in the fight against sex trafficking.



I will support initiatives that empower survivors of sex trafficking by providing them with access to education, vocational training, safe housing, and other essential resources that aid in their healing and successful reintegration into society.



I will be a vocal advocate for legislative and policy changes that address the systemic issues contributing to sex trafficking, and I will use my voice and influence to promote justice, equality, and protection for victims and survivors.



I will conduct my activities and engagements with the highest level of integrity, transparency, and ethical standards, ensuring that the resources I contribute are used effectively and efficiently to achieve meaningful outcomes.

By accepting this pledge, I understand that I will be recognized and featured on the BLAST Movement website as a valued supporter, showcasing my commitment to the cause and inspiring others to join the movement. Together, we will build alliances, raise awareness, and work tirelessly toward a world where every person can live with dignity, freedom, and justice.

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