Together We Can, Together We Will: Join BLAST to Eradicate Sex Trafficking.

Let the church say..


Advocates, Mentors, Entrepreneurs, and Navigators
* reported by the Shared Hope Foundation

Don’t be a reflection of your State

Be a church that stands against sex trafficking
We have the resources & strategies to equip your church
Your state was given an F grade on its report card of how it handles Child & Youth Sex Trafficking..

Reported is from the Shared Hope International.

There is an urgent need to bring balance within your state and stop the spread of sex trafficking of children and youth within your area.

Your church can become a force for justice and change by creating internal advocates for justice; offering support & education; and possible creation of housing safe havens for victims.

What grade is your church?

Take our assessment to find out where your church stands
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We’ve created an exclusive grading system similar to Share Hope’s where we are able to grade each organization’s based on 6 core objectives. Our assessment do not take long but varies based on size and location of organization.
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Introducing A.M.E.N.

A social justice auxiliary that transitions your church into an engine of justice that empowers its members and community

A.M.E.N. Program consist of 4 main focuses:
Advocates: Empower your church to be vocal advocates against human trafficking, DV, addiction, and mental health
Mentors: Equip your members to support survivors, guiding them toward healing and restoration.
Entrepreneurs: Inspire innovation, and creating social enterprises while addressing root causes of injustice.
Navigators: Everyone needs someone to show them the way. Show your church how to be the light!.

How A.M.E.N. Helps:

Transforming Lives, Transforming Communities:
Comprehensive Curriculum: Interactive online modules guide your church to become a force for change.
Signs of Exploitation: Understand indicators and develop effective prevention strategies.
Supporting Survivors: Learn how to provide vital assistance and compassionate care.
Policy Advocacy: Advocacy for policy changes that empower survivors and drive justice.
Holistic Approach: Equip your church to address root causes of exploitation.
Inspiring Change:
Join the ranks of churches that have transformed lives and communities through the A.M.E.N. Program.

Combating Trafficking Through Housing

Creating Safe Havens: Your Church’s Opportunity for Impact
Mobilizing for Change and Restoration
Consider the immense impact your church can make through housing programs. At BLAST, we have over 30 years of experience building housing programs both domestically and internationally.
Offering survivors a safe haven for recovery and healing. Championing restoration and transformation. Enabling survivors to regain their independence and dignity.
Your Church’s Role:
Your church can play a vital role in providing a sanctuary of hope and empowerment for survivors.

Collaborate for Lasting Impact

Partnering with BLAST: The Power of Unity
Amplifying Your Church’s Impact

Your partnership with BLAST means aligning your church with a movement committed to:

Equipping leaders to facilitate change.
Empowering the church/community to be a part of the change.
Combating human trafficking, supporting survivors, while creating lasting change.

Together, We Can:

By joining hands, we amplify our collective strength, fostering real change and restoration.

Transform Lives Through A.M.E.N.

Ignite a Movement for Change Your Church’s Opportunity to Impact Lives
Christian Faith Church, the time has come to take action and ignite a movement:
Equip your church with the tools, resources, and knowledge to combat trafficking and bring about transformation.
Empower survivors with support, hope, and a safe haven.
Champion justice, compassion, and community engagement.
Join the Movement:
Together, let’s make a lasting impact and be a beacon of hope for those in need.

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Q & A

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Your Questions, Our Answers

We are here to address any questions or concerns you may have. Let’s embark on an interactive Q&A session to explore the opportunities and possibilities that await your church through the A.M.E.N. Program and partnership with BLAST.

Thank You for Your Dedication

Your Commitment Matters
Thank You for Your Willingness to Create Change
We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Christian Faith Church for your unwavering dedication to creating positive change. Your willingness to take action and join hands with us in the fight against human trafficking, abuse, and addiction is a testament to your compassion and commitment.
Together, We Are Stronger:
Thank you for being a beacon of hope and transformation within our communities.